Spoon Too Soon

Folk, Roots, Country, originals and really
sweet old time songs.

Lenora and Bob Yocum along with Larry Kadlub stir up a blend of back porch original, roots, country and folk. They feature well blended harmonies, heartfelt harmonies, guitar and fiddle back up.

This Northeast Ohio group began as an acoustic duo that featured husband-and-wife musicians and vocalists Lenora and Bob Yocum. With a blend of voices that were born to sing together, Lenora and Bob formed Spoon Too Soon in 2010. Larry Kadlub joined them in 2013.

Spoon Too Soon offers the best in upbeat and off-beat songs. Their loving interactions provide the listener with a pleasant refuge from any troubles of the mind.

Their blend of original, Americana, folk and country brings smooth harmony using guitar, fiddle and spoons. Bob and Lenora are adept at working with the audience and making them part of their performance, giving the kind of show that only comes from the heart.

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